City Services

City Administrator
Winnsboro, Texas

Craig’s professional experience includes executive leadership roles in municipal and county government. He has extensive experience in community and economic development, housing development, commercial development, neighborhood revitalization, and historic preservation.

Prior to coming to Winnsboro as city administrator Craig served as the City Manager of Lindale Texas. During his tenure in Lindale he had the pleasure of working with the Council and local developers to initiate and begin construction on the first phase of a downtown revitalization project which included mixed use developments, a new downtown park, public pavilion, multifamily developments and several music venues.

From 2002 – May 2014, he served as the Executive Director of Community Redevelopment and Grants for the City of Texarkana, Texas. He also served in the capacity of Health Director for Bowie County, Texas. While in Texarkana his duties included oversight of housing and community development, neighborhood revitalization, downtown development, grant development, environmental services, and public health.

Craig has also worked as a consultant for municipalities, institutions of higher education, non-profits, and developers in the areas of community and economic development initiatives, historic preservation, redevelopment, planning, financing, and training. He has managed grants for municipalities, institutions of higher education, and public safety for over thirty years. His grant experience includes application development and award management for federal, state, and foundation grants.

Craig’s passions include municipal leadership, community and economic development, strategic planning, development financing, and problem solving. He is currently working toward a PhD in Leadership from University of Central Arkansas.


The city administrator is appointed by and reports directly to the city council. Following are the duties and responsibilities delegated to him/her by the city council:

(1) To devote all working time and attention to the affairs of the city and to be responsible to the city council for the efficient administration of the city’s affairs.

(2) To see all provisions of federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and resolutions are enforced.

(3) To exercise supervision over all departments created by the council. To correlate all of the city’s governmental and proprietary functions.

(4) The council and its members shall deal through the manager, and neither the council nor any member thereof shall give orders to any subordinate of the city administrator either privately or publicly. Any willful violation of this provision by any member of the council shall constitute official misconduct.

(5) To attend all meetings of the council with a right to take part in the discussion but having no vote and to be notified of all special meetings of the council.

(6) To see that all contracts with the city are faithfully kept and performed and, upon knowledge of any violation thereof, to call the same to the attention of the council.

(7) To assist the budget officer (Mayor) with preparing and submitting the annual budget to the council, prior to the beginning of each fiscal year and to file the budget as required by state law after approval.

(8) To take to the council in timely manner all reports, documents, tax rolls, and other written documents of the city business as required by law and prudent management.