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Winnsboro Municipal/Frank M. White Memorial Airport is located in the northeast area of Wood County, approximately 1.8 miles southeast of the intersection of State Highway 11 and State Highway 37, in downtown Winnsboro.

Location and Directions:

It is located between FM Highway 852, FM Highway 3530 and Wood County Road 4608.  From downtown Winnsboro, the airport is access by traveling south on State Highway 37, then southeast on FM Highway 852, then south on FM Highway 3530, to the entrance.

The airport is situated on 33.79 acres of land.  In addition the City has acquired an 8.37 acre aviation easement along the eastern side of the airport property.  Recently the City purchased 99.273 acres south of the existing airport property.

In 1971, the City enacted an airport height hazard zoning ordinance which includes a 20:1 approach slope surface to each runway.  The airport elevation is 513 feet above sea level.  Winnsboro Municipal is classified a General Utility airport.


The airport includes a lighted,  3,202 foot by 50 foot runway, connecting taxiway, aircraft parking apron, wind cone and segmented circle.

There are 7 unit “t-hangers”, with a pilot’s lounge at the north end complete with restroom.  In 1994, the City installed new fueling facilities on the north side of the aircraft parking apron.

 A full length parallel taxiway is located along the west side of Runway 19.  The west side of the north 790 feet of the parallel taxiway is contiguous with the aircraft parking apron.

There is a Airport Master Plan for future improvements.

Contact Numbers:

FAA Flight Service Weather Brief   1-800-992-7433

FAA Notams   1-800-722-6209

FAA Clearance Delivery  1-800-722-6208

Hangar or Rental Car Information: 903.335.0836 or 903.342.3654 between 8AM and 4PM